From Madagascar to Matsuki

PDI Dreamworks’ latest computer animated movie Madagascar is pretty good. Maybe not as good as both Shreks, but supposedly a lot better than Shark Tale (which I haven’t seen). The plot is about 4 wacky animals (+ a few mad penguins) who escape from a New York Zoo and somehow end up on Madagascar, where they have to survive in The Wild. Having lived in a zoo all their lives, this naturally leads to some hilarious scenes. While I wasn’t really impressed by the characters when I saw them on the above website, you grow fond of them quite quickly once you see them “alive” on the big screen.

Afterwards, we had a very nice dinner at “the best kept secret in Den Haag”, Japanese restaurant Matsuki. I finally know the difference between Sushi and Sashimi: the latter one has no rice (or seaweed wrapping). Me, I had a riskfree but very tasty (if a bit oily) Gyoza as a starter, and Fried Chicken Ramen for the main course. And as Japanese restaurants go, this one could be considered affordable…

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